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How to improve the microstructure of raw materials

http://www.imtforging.com Popularity:715 Release time:2020-03-04

In the forging production, in addition to ensuring the shape and size required by the forging, it is also necessary to meet the performance requirements of the parts in the process of use. The following aspects can be adopted to improve the organization and performance of the raw materials:

(1) break the columnar crystal, improve the macroscopic segregation, change the as-cast structure into the forging structure, and weld the internal gap under appropriate temperature and stress conditions to improve the density of the material;

(2) the ingot after forging form fiber structure, further through rolling, extrusion, die forging, so that the forging get a reasonable fiber direction distribution;

(3) control the size of the grain and uniformity;

(4) improve the distribution of the second phase (such as the alloying carbide in lesterite steel);

(5) make the tissue deformation or deformation - phase change enhancement.

As a result of the improvement of the above structure, the plasticity, impact toughness, fatigue strength and durability of the forging are also improved, and then through the final heat treatment of the parts can get the parts required hardness, strength and plasticity and other good comprehensive performance.