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Defects caused by improper material preparation and their effects on forgings
Publisher:http://www.imtforging.com Release time:2019-12-26
Slant refers to the deviation of the end face of the blank relative to the longitudinal axis in the process of loading and unloading on the sawing or punching machine.Severe slant, which may fold during forging.
The difference between forging and casting? Their uses and advantages and disadvantages
Publisher:http://www.imtforging.com Release time:2019-09-17
Forging: By hammering and other methods, the metal material in the plastic state becomes a workpiece with certain shape and size, and changes its physical properties. Casting: The process of melting metal into liquid and pouring it into the mould, cooling, solidifying and cleaning to obtain the required shape of the casting. It can be made into all kinds of objects with complex shapes.
Open forging
Publisher:http://www.imtforging.com Release time:2019-09-17
Xinlida Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise composed of forging, forging and mechanical processing production management team. The company has a young management team and technical R&D team. In the field of forging production, continuous ...