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Zhejiang Integrity Machinery Co., Ltd is a mechanical manufacturing enterprise consisting of an operation management team of the manufacture of forging and machining. The enterprise possesses a young management team and technical development team. Therefore the constant technical innovation in the field of forging manufacture helps the enterprise gradually develop and go from strength to strength and make it always take the lead in the industry. 

The enterprise, located in the Yanshan road, Yangwen industrial district, Dongtou District, Wenzhou, sprawls over more than 23 mu. Its factory buildings cove an area of more than 13 thousand square meters. In addition, the enterprise possesses the friction press with the rank of 300-2500 ton and its daily in-service staff is up to 200 people. Moreover, it also constructs few robot automatic production lines which are rare in China. As for its technology, this enterprise breaks the traditional forging model. The breakthrough is characterized by the change in the traditional man-dominated operational model and the maximum control of the influence of human factors on the quality of products. The forgings with high precision reveal their stable quality performance and good consistency. The short production cycle is suitable for the manufacture of forgings of carbon steel and alloy steel.

The various mechanical forging products machined by the machining production lines are up to 100, 000 sets. The well-equipped production lines possess a complete set of turning, drilling and milling equipment consisting of numerical control machining center, CNC milling machine, CNC lathe, CNC drilling machine and etc. According to the constantly updated demand of technology, the enterprise’s production line completely meets the needs of the original equipment manufacturer in terms of the technological demand.

The enterprise’s testing center is well equipped with the testing means in order to ensure that the quality of products can be coincidence with the technological standards. As for the purchase of raw materials, the company insists on marking the materials and only purchases the materials from the large domestic steel mills, such as Hangzhou Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd, Huaigang Special Steel, Xiangtan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd and other large steel enterprises in order to assure the high quality of products and control the quality of products from the source.

The company is equipped with the numerical control machining center, CNC milling machine, CNC engraving and milling machine, electric spark machine tool, WEDM (Wire cut Electrical Discharge Machining), grinding machine, lathe, drilling machine and other sets of mold making equipment. In the molding workshop, the research and production team is composed of many experienced mold designers and producers. Starting from the realistic conditions, they can design the molds with the characteristics of the good forming property, reasonable service life, the convenience of installation and debugging and maintenance to provide the forging production line with the high quality forging molds and ensure the delivery of orders and the quality of products.

The enterprise’s main product is the rubber caterpillar track with steel teeth which is applied in the fields of construction machinery and agricultural machinery and is sold overseas. In addition, it covers all markets of North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and etc. Moreover, the enterprise succeeds in developing the technology of forging the track with iron teeth, which makes it take the lead in the whole industry.Meanwhile,we product various forged agricultural machinery part,forged construction machinery part,forged Auto & Motocycle part and so on.

The company not only improves its capacity of hardware but also improves its management level at the same time. It goes into the enduring effective partnership with many consultant companies for management training and steps up its efforts to manage the cadre and employees in order to improve the soft power of the company. Fully implement the ISO9001/TS16949 quality management system. From raw materials to semi-finished products, finished products and the after-sales service, the products must be operated according to the management system and an enduring effective mechanism is constructed to ensure the constant improvement and perfection of the system.

Corporate Values

The company provides the development platform and opportunity for the competent and ideal employees; the employees contribute to the development of the company, seize the opportunity to develop with the company, and gradually reflect their self-worth.

Enterprise slogan

Global supplier of high quality forging parts

Enterprise spirit

With the team spirit of mutual cooperation, to achieve common promotion and progress, and strive for higher goals!