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Zhejiang Integrity Machinery Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in forging and machining various kinds of metal parts. We are a manufacturer has energetic management teams and technology research and development teams, constantly made technological innovation that promotes our firm in competition and maintains our leading positions.

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Forged iron cores|Forged connecting rods|Fforged steel cores | The products run from raw materials to semi-finished products, finished products and after-sales service in accordance with the requirements of the management system, and establish a long-term mechanism to ensure continuous improvement and improvement of the system to ensure maximum satisfaction with customer requirements.
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How are forgings clearly marked
For the control of forging quality, there is a special set of marking method for searching during the production and use.The marking of raw materials should be noted from the beginning.The content of calibration includes material number, batch number of furnace, date of receipt and delivery, code number of supplier, etc.This helps to distinguish whether variation in materials is due to factors in the manufacturing process itself or to factors that are not.The marking of raw materials also provid
The importance of deformation force calculation in forging
Forgings are formed under the action of external forces, therefore, the correct calculation of deformation force, is the basis for the selection of equipment, mold check.Stress and strain analysis on the interior of the deformed body is also indispensable for optimizing the process and controlling the microstructure and properties of the forging.
The importance of using raw materials and improving the quality of forgings
The preparation of forgings before forging includes selection of raw materials, calculation of materials, blanking, heating, calculation of deformation force, selection of equipment and design of molds.Lubrication method and lubricant should be selected before forging.
What is the definition, characteristics and classification of forgings?
Forging: a workpiece or blank produced by forging a metal billet.The mechanical properties of metal billet can be changed by applying pressure to it to produce plastic deformation.
Application of Multi-direction Forging
Multidirectional forging is a closed net forming forging process. The products forged by it are not only precise in shape, but also can extrude the inner holes of the products. Therefore, the forgings produced by this process not only have fine structure and complex...

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